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RPG Scribe Apps Consolidated!

Dear RPG Scribe Users,

We have been forced to consolidate our RPG Scribe apps, so effectively 3.5e variant functionality is now fully included into Pathfinder variant.

Apple recently declared that the fact that we have separate variants for Pathfinder and 3.5e violates one of the App Store guidelines and classifies as 'Spam'. We disagree with such classification and we are very unhappy about the sudden and disruptive way this policy interpretation is enforced, but we had to comply. Apple would reject any updates for either of the variants unless at least one of them is removed.

After careful consideration we decided that the best course of action would be to fully include 3.5e support in 'RPG Scribe Pathfinder' and remove 'RPG Scribe' (3.5e) from sale. This means that we won't be able to provide any further updates for 'RPG Scribe' (3.5e). The app should continue to function normally and you should be able to redownload it, if you bought it.

Rlyeh Industry Team

P.S. You can import your 3.5e data to RPG Scribe Pathfinder using standard import / export functionality.

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